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Factory building Arno-Remmen


Arnoremmen was founded in the early 1940s, when Arne Norman from the Swedish province of Dalarna realised how difficult it was to tighten leather straps as the holes were seldom located where they should be. He commissioned construction of a tool for a new buckle, what became known as the ”Swedish buckle”, and started to assemble self-locking buckles on straps.

The first 20 years laid the foundations for the Arno-Straps which are now an institution within lashings. Since the start, our production and range has developed and changed so that today it comprises the following products:
  • Individually adapted straps
  • Lashings and straps with woven text or logo
  • Lashings and straps in standard design
  • Woven straps
  • Lifting products and items for heavy duty lashings



Our plant in Kristinehamn has its own weaving mill, which guarantees short lead times and maximum flexibility. We always focus on the customer's needs, and over the years our strong ARNO® brand has become synonymous with the best service and the highest quality.

After more than 70 years as market leader, we would venture to suggest that most Europeans have come into contact with our products at one time or another. Thanks to our long experience and wide range, ARNO® can offer the most flexible and cost-effective solutions in the market.



In our long-term endeavour to develop our brand, we are constantly expanding our range with new products in order to meet our customers' needs and wishes. As one of our chief guiding principles is ”Flexibility”, we never refuse a challenge, and feel a sense of excitement when we have to put a bit more thought into resolving a problem on behalf of our customers.

For more info about us and our products, please vivit www.arno.eu.