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General Terms & Conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to all sales agreements made by Arno-Remmen through our online store.


Prices and payment, etc.
Prices for items in our online store are given without VAT. The total price can be seen at checkout. This includes fees, VAT and shipping.

Possible methods of payment and terms and conditions are indicated at checkout.

Arno-Remmen AB does not handle orders under SEK 500 (excluding VAT).

Shipping terms and conditions are indicated at checkout and vary according to the chosen method of shipping.


Properties and use of the products

More detailed information on the properties and usage of the products is specified for each individual item in the online store.



Arno-Remmen cannot be held liable for damage that arises due to our products being used for purposes other than that for which they are intended.  

Any item that is faulty at the time of delivery will be replaced with a new faultless item. No other compensation is available.


Delivery time
The delivery time for each shipping method will be specified in the basket. If the delivery time for a specific item differs, this will be stated for each item. Delivery times are approximate.  We cannot accept any liability in the event the item is delivered later than the specified delivery time. Should late delivery occur, you are obviously entitled to return the item to us. We will cover the costs of return shipping.


Uncollected packages

If you have selected cash on delivery as your shipping method, your items will remain at the post office for four weeks. Uncollected items will be returned to us. For packages that are not collected, we will make a charge for return shipping, as well as service and handling, currently SEK 150.


Cancellation rights for consumers
Consumers have cancellation rights associated with a purchase from our online store. This cancellation right (cooling-off period) applies for 14 days. The cooling-off period begins the day you receive the item or a significant part of it. You must inform us if you wish to utilise your cancellation right.  Your message must state clearly that you wish to cancel. On the website/online store there is a standard form you can download and use if you want to utilise your cancellation right.

If you want to utilise your cancellation right:
One requirement for you to be able to utilise your cancellation right is that the item must be returned in the same excellent condition as when you received it, or that you will reimburse us for the reduction in value that arises from your use of the item.  Naturally, you may examine the item thoroughly without this involving any reduction in value. You are responsible for costs associated with the item’s return. The item must be sent back within 14 days of you informing us that you wish to cancel.

Repayment obligation in the event of utilised cancellation right
If you opted to utilise your cancellation right, we will pay back the sum within 14 days of you informing us that you wish to cancel. However, we have no obligation to make any repayment until we have received the item back. See also the Swedish Distance and Off-Premises Contracts Act (Konsumentverket och distansavtalslagen) http://www.konsumentverket.se/ and the EU’s joint online dispute resolution website http://ec.europa.eu/odr.


Processing of personal details
When you order from us, you provide us with your personal details. At that time you also accept that we will store and use your details to fulfil our contractual obligations with you. Under the Swedish Personal Data Act, you are entitled to view the information we have collected about you. If this is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can always request that the information be corrected or removed. Should this be the case, contact us by e-mail.

This online store uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, containing information to help the online store identify and follow users. Cookies may be session cookies or cookies that are stored on your computer permanently. During your first visit to the online store, your browser will be assigned a unique session cookie, which is used to distinguish you from other users. To be able to use the online store, you need to allow the use of cookies in your browser. This type of cookie is used solely to give visitors to the website a better experience and support. No personal details are stored. Cookies can be deleted. In this online store, cookies are used, for example, to keep a check on your basket, your settings and the pages you have visited, in order to provide a better customer experience and support.


Force Majeure
All quotes, orders, sales and delivery terms and conditions are subject to force majeure. Force majeure covers circumstances that make it difficult or impossible for Arno-Remmen to deliver items within the agreed time period. This may involve, but is not limited to: war, natural catastrophes, strike, lack of raw materials and/or fuel, fire, flood, disruption to the transport chain, disruption to our production chain, or other circumstances beyond our control concerning functions that are vital for us to fulfil the requirements of our contract.